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What is the working principle of the plasma etcher in the solar cell製作太陽能電池中的等離子刻蝕機的工作原理是怎麽樣的

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What is the working principle of the plasma etcher in the solar cell製作太陽能電池中的等離子刻蝕機的工作原理是怎麽樣的

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“矽”是91xjcc下载官网這個星球上儲藏Z豐量的材料之一。自從19世紀科學家們發現了晶體矽的半導體特性後,它幾乎改變了一切,甚至人類的思維。20世紀末,91guochan的生活中處處可見“矽”的身影和作用,晶體矽太陽能電池是近15年來形成產業化Z快的。生產過程大致可分為五個步驟:a、提純過程 b、拉棒過程 c、切片過程 d、製電池過程 e、封裝過程。 



上世紀60年代,科學家們就已經將太陽電池應用於空間技術——通信衛星供電,上世紀末,在人類不斷自我反省的過程中,對於光伏發電這種如此清潔和直接的能源形式已愈加親切,不僅在空間應用,在眾多領域中也大顯身手。如:太陽能庭院燈、太陽能發電戶用係統、村寨供電的獨立係統、光伏水泵(飲水或灌溉)、通信電源、石油輸油管道陰極保護、光纜通信泵站電源、海水淡化係統、城鎮中路標、高速公路路標等。歐美等先進國家將光伏發電並入城市用電係統及邊遠地區自然界村落供電係統納入發展方向。太陽電池與建築係統的結合已經形成產業化趨勢 生產不穩定是非晶矽生產中的Z大難點.


    蘇州91guochan電子科技有限公司成立於2014年,是一家為國內半導體,MEMS及光電產業客戶提供再製造設備,零配件及服務的公司。91shipin的核心產品線包括Novellus C1/C2 PECVD,Lam Rainbow/TCP係列刻蝕機以及AMAT P5000/Centura平台CVD/刻蝕機。


     Principle of solar cell power generation: 

     Solar cell is a device that responds to light and can convert light energy into electricity. There are many kinds of materials that can produce photovoltaic effect, such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, selenium indium copper, etc. The principle of their power generation is basically the same. Now we take crystal as an example to describe the process of optical power generation. P-n junction is formed by doping p into p-type crystalline silicon. 

    When the light hits the solar cell surface, some photons are absorbed by the silicon material; the energy of photons is transferred to the silicon atom, which makes the electrons move over and become the free electrons gathering on both sides of the p-n junction to form the potential difference. When the external circuit is connected, under the action of this voltage, there will be a current flowing through the external circuit to generate a certain output power. The essence of this process is the conversion of photon energy into electrical energy. 

    The process of making crystalline silicon solar cells: "Silicon" is one of the most abundant materials on our planet. Since scientists discovered the semiconductor properties of crystalline silicon in the 19th century, it has changed almost everything, even human thinking. At the end of the 20th century, we can see the figure and function of "Silicon" everywhere in our life. Crystalline silicon solar cells are the fastest to form industrialization in the past 15 years. The production process can b e roughly divided into five steps: A, purification process B, rod pulling process C, slicing process D, battery making process e, packaging process. 

   Application of solar cells: 

   In the 1960s, scientists have applied solar cells to space technology -- communication satellite power supply. At the end of the last century, in the process of human self reflection, photovoltaic power generation, such a clean and direct energy form, has become more and more intimate, not only in space applications, but also in many fields. Such as: solar courtyard lamp, solar power generation system, independent system of village power supply, photovoltaic water pump (drinking water or irrigation), communication power supply, cathodic protection of oil pipeline, power supply of optical cable communication pump station, desalination system, urban middle road sign, highway road sign, etc. Advanced countries such as Europe and the United States will integrate photovoltaic power generation into urban power system and natural village power supply system in remote areas into the development direction. The combination of solar cells and building systems has formed a trend of industrialization. Unstable production is the biggest difficulty in the production of amorphous silicon. 

   Founded in 2014, Suzhou saisen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that provides remanufacturing equipment, spare parts and services for domestic semiconductor, MEMS and photoelectric industry customers. Our core product lines include Novellus C1 / C2 PECVD, Lam Rainbow / TCP series etchers and Amat p5000 / Centura platform CVD / etchers. 

   Thank you for browsing our website. If you have any further interest or questions about our plasma etcher products, please contact us and we will provide you with timely services.