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Chinese etching machine has successfully killed Japan and South Korea, and its high-end manufacturing goes to the world, with the technology reaching one thousandth of the hair中國刻蝕機成功秒殺日韓,高端製造走向世界,工藝達發絲萬分之一

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Chinese etching machine has successfully killed Japan and South Korea, and its high-end manufacturing goes to the world, with the technology reaching one thousandth of the hair中國刻蝕機成功秒殺日韓,高端製造走向世界,工藝達發絲萬分之一

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       With the development of science and technology, the trend of miniaturization of electronic equipment is becoming more and more obvious, and the core chip technology level of all electronic equipment core needs to be accurate to the nanometer level, at the same time, it is also the focus of competition for it all over the world. As we all know, for a long time, China's chip industry has been heavily dependent on imports. For this reason, China has spent hundreds of billions of dollars every year to import American and Japanese products, even more than China's imported petroleum energy, which has seriously restricted the development of science and technology in China. What's more, chips are widely used in many fields, such as military weapons, aerospace equipment, and many other lifeline fields will involve cores Film applications, if long-term dependence on imports is not equal to the fate of their own security in the hands of others? 

      Only by breaking the Western technology blockade can we control the fate in our own hands. In this information age, semiconductor chip is the commanding height of the current cutting-edge manufacturing field, but the core technology of semiconductor chip industry is basically monopolized by the West and Japan and South Korea. Due to the inability to produce their own chips independently, it is always difficult to develop various advanced armaments. Although the current situation in the field of military chips has been improved, and even the pure "Chinese core" can be fully used! However, the civil chip industry is still lack of core technology, so we can only watch half of the domestic market is robbed by foreign countries. 

     However, we have made great progress in China. In CCTV's "China's core power", we introduced our achievements and progress in semiconductor equipment and semiconductor raw materials. Among them, the nano etcher, which is one of the most core devices in chip manufacturing and micro processing, is the most remarkable one. 

     This is not the case. In this year's CCTV documentary "great power heavy equipment", the technology of nano plasma etching machine in China was mentioned again. The first 7-nanometer etching machine independently developed in China was introduced. Its technological level reached one thousandth of the hair diameter. At the same time, it is also the minimum wiring distance of integrated circuit that human beings can produce in the production line, close to the micromachining limit! Can be compared with the most advanced technology in the world!